About Us

There’s no denying it - insurance is complicated! Knowing what types of coverages you need and if you’re getting the best value can be very overwhelming. With so many options for buying insurance – how do you know you’re making the right decisions? 

Well, it’s about to get a lot easier!

Choosing the right insurance agent is the first step in making the decisions easier. Keystone Insurers Group agents aren’t your run of the mill salespeople. We are a franchisor of independent insurance agencies. We hold our agents to the highest ethical, financial, and underwriting standards. They are your neighbors, your civic leaders, your fundraisers, your caregivers, and your little league coaches. They are the first person to which a community turns in times of catastrophe.

As an independent agent, they don’t work for an insurance company. They work for you, the client. Their job is to get to know you, your family, your business, and your exposures so that they can help you develop an insurance plan that is as unique as you are. 

As a customer of a Keystone agency, you can be assured of the most extensive and comprehensive coverage at a competitive premium. Keystone provides its partners with an enhanced array of resources and support that allows them to offer products and solutions to meet your every need. Keystone partners represent over 100 companies ready to address your individual needs as well as those of small businesses, regional enterprises, and international conglomerates.

When you work with a Keystone Insurers Group agent, you get all of the benefits of big broker, but also the trust and detail-oriented service that comes along with a local, independent agent.


In the Beginning

It all started in 1983 when four Central Pennsylvania insurance agencies joined forces to survive an increasingly difficult, constricted market. By combining resources and expertise, the newly formed Keystone Insurers Group (KIG) now possessed significant bargaining power, was provided greater opportunities, and could offer customers a wider array of insurance products and services.

In 1999, KIG changed its model from a cooperative arrangement to that of a franchisor. The addition of industry experts, specialty products and services, and superior training to independent agents meant better choices for customers. And better choices made for happier clients and agents. 

The word spread rapidly as Keystone Insurers Group expanded throughout the Commonwealth. In 2003, KIG made its first foray outside Pennsylvania, expanding into North Carolina, followed by Virginia in 2005, Indiana in 2006, Ohio in 2008, Kentucky in 2009, Tennessee in 2011, Georgia in 2012, Illinois in 2013, and Missouri in 2015. Keystone’s aggressive plans for expansion haven’t stopped yet!  

Today Keystone Insurers Group remains steadfast in its mission to increase agency values by maximizing sales volume, by helping independent insurance agencies enhance their business reputations in their communities and with insurance carriers, and by providing value-added services that they would be unable to duplicate as standalone independent insurance agencies.