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About Keystone Insurers Group

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Keystone Insurers Group (KIG) was incorporated in 1983 by four Central Pennsylvania Agencies who joined forces in an increasingly difficult, constricted market. Their number increased with the express purpose of realizing greater opportunities through association than they could realize individually.

While preserving the entrepreneurial spirit of the American Independent Insurance Agent, the founders recognized that as a profitable, productive group, they wielded significant bargaining power, were provided greater opportunities, and could offer a wider array of products and services to customers and the communities in which they lived.

In 1999, Keystone changed its model from a cooperative arrangement to that of a franchisor and rapidly expanded throughout the Commonwealth to over 110 locations. With greater executive management resources, Keystone also expanded its highly successful Program Division and formed two subsidiaries, Keystone Risk Managers and Keystone Financial & Benefit Resources, LLC.

In 2003, KIG made its first foray outside Pennsylvania, expanding into North Carolina, followed by Virginia in 2005,  Indiana in 2006, Ohio in 2008, Kentucky in 2009, Tennessee in 2011, and Georgia in 2012. Keystone has aggressive plans for expansion into several other states.

Today, agency values are increased by maximizing sales volume, by enhancing business reputations in their communities and with insurance carriers, and by value-added services that they would be unable to duplicate as standalone Independent Insurance Agencies.