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Long Term Disability Insurance

When it comes to affordable long term disability insurance, businesses can depend on Keystone Insurers Group.

At Keystone Insurers Group, we offer competitive group long term disability benefits that can accommodate any business’ budget. We understand employers are keen on protecting their most valued resource: their work force.

Keystone Insurers Group is dedicated to helping you find the most affordable – and comprehensive – group long term disability insurance policy available. Long term disability insurance provides temporary financial benefits to eligible employees who are disabled by off the job injuries, illnesses, or pregnancy. Businesses can choose from state plans, voluntary plans or elective coverage – most chose to select disability benefits. Employees can then choose to extend their policy with private disability coverages.

Companies are not required to offer employees long term disability insurance . Businesses who supply group disability insurance have an advantage over those who don’t because long term disability insurance is a benefit that employees and potential applicants take into account when choosing an employer.

At Keystone Insurers Group we have many comprehensive group disability insurance policies to best suit your organization’s needs. Long term disability benefits help businesses provide replacement income for employees during the time they are unable to work – a benefit for both your company and staff.

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