Insurance Franchise Opportunities

Franchise Opportunities with Keystone Insurers Group

Welcome to the Franchise Division. We trust that you will find this section educational, accurate, and informative.

Keystone is unique in many ways:

  • Keystone is owned by its agencies and employees who have chosen to be stockholders.
  • Keystone operates as a Federally-licensed franchisor which dictates consistency and fairness in all aspects of operation.
  • Franchises are independent agencies in every respect. They own their businesses, choose opportunities that benefit their agencies, and make all decisions relative to their operations.

Keystone partners with agencies that are and will continue to be successful, with or without Keystone. All candidates are referred by existing franchises or insurance executives in whom we have complete trust and confidence that they fully understand the Keystone business model and our objectives.

The common denominator among Keystone franchises and its employees is integrity. Our guiding principles are quite simple:

  • Assist franchises in growing the value of their agencies.
  • Create greater stock value for shareholders.
  • Grow faster and more profitably than our core companies.
  • Strengthening and perpetuating the American Independent Agency System.
  • Doing the right thing 100% of the time.

You will find that our employees and franchises are passionate about Keystone. After 30 years and considerable expansion, Keystone feels that the best explanation of the type of agency that should consider Keystone, and why, is best realized in a few short videos that were captured at our National Carrier Meeting in Louisville, KY, along with some testimonials.