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Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Keystone Risk Solutions wants to provide your business with an excess liability insurance policy to protect you from potential harms.

When looking at an insurance policy, one of the first things an astute business owner will notice is the claim limits. For any type of policy, there will be a cap to the protection amounts you may have. Knowing this, one question becomes imminent: What can you do if you exceed that limit?

It is for this exact reason that every business is encouraged to look into an excess liability insurance policy. The major purpose of a commercial umbrella insurance policy is to provide your business a cushion when it comes to liability claims. With the right excess liability insurance policy, your business will still be covered, even in excess of the limits imposed by your general liability policy.

Another benefit of getting your business a commercial umbrella insurance policy is the amount of extra coverage you can get for such a reasonable price. Because this policy will not kick in until your general liability insurance policy has been exhausted, excess liability insurance is generally considered extremely affordable for businesses, and is well worth the money you will pay in premiums when you end up using the policy.

If you would like to learn more, or want to get a free, fast, and easy quote on a commercial umbrella insurance quote for your business, fill out our online quote request form or call and speak to a Keystone Risk Solutions representative.