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ISNetworld Compliance

The boom of Marcellus Shale oil & gas exploration in Pennsylvania has significantly increased the demand for sub-contracted work from large energy and resource companies. Major concerns of these large energy and resource companies are the risks and liabilities associated with sub-contractor’s work practices, specifically in the area of safety. Accordingly, much of this work is awarded to sub-contractors with exceptional safety and quality records, programs, and business practices, similar to those that they have set forth for their own company. The answer to their concerns? Contractor Pre-qualification Services.

These oil and gas exploration companies are requiring sub-contractors to be approved through pre-qualification intermediaries before they will accept project bids. Sub-contractors want to be able to bid on jobs to grow their business, but often do not have the internal staff or resources required to become an approved sub-contractor through these comprehensive systems. The answer to this challenge? Keystone Insurers Group. By working with us, you can be absolutely certain that you will reach 100% compliance with *ISNetworld®, PICS™ or PEC Premier™.

How does it all work?

Getting your account initially set up can be a confusing process; fortunately, Keystone Insurers Group is fully capable of getting your *ISNetworld®, PICS™ or PEC Premier™ account up and running. This can be a very cumbersome and complex task, which includes: completing lengthy questionnaires, developing safety programs, submitting information for review and acceptance, conducting various training sessions, etc. Our team offers assistance in completing your company’s required information to ensure 100% compliance is achieved.

Based on your responses to the company information section, *ISNetworld®, PICS™ or PEC Premier™ requires you to provide documentation such as safety programs, training documentation and insurance certificates. This section requires proof of safety programs and processes your company adheres to. Our staff of Professional Safety Consultants will work very closely with your company to develop necessary programs, conduct training and documentation to achieve compliance with the specific requirements of *ISNetworld®, PICS™ or PEC Premier™.

Once Keystone Insurers Group has reviewed and brought your account into compliance, our safety consultants can remain available to your company to provide continuing *ISNetworld®, PICS™ or PEC Premier™ account management ensuring continual compliance of current and future changes and requirements to *ISNetworld®, PICS™ or PEC Premier™ specifications.

What are the Benefits?

Can your company risk losing out on the opportunity to participate and work in this exciting new business of Marcellus Shale exploration? Partnering with Keystone Insurers Group to achieve 100% compliance will open your company to many new business opportunities in the Oil & Gas industry! Hundreds of Owner Clients use *ISNetworld®, PICS™ or PEC Premier™ to search for compliant and safety minded sub-contractors. Partnering with us will save your company hundreds of hours in man power; writing, updating and implementing the programs, along with professional employee training.

Keystone Insurers Group is in no way endorsed, sponsored, approved by, or otherwise affiliated with *ISNetworld®, PICS™ or PEC Premier™.

*ISNetworld®, ISN® and RAVS® are registered trademarks of ISN Software Corporation.