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First Call Medical

Keystone Insurers Group has a distinct approach to workers’ compensation. Our
knowledge in workers’ comp, combined with our extensive skill in occupational health,
enables us to respond promptly when an injury occurs. Our team of professionals works
closely with clients to provide a range of services, including 24‐hour access to a nursing
staff for early intervention when an injury/illness occurs, developing light duty/modified
duty programs to get workers back on the job in a limited capacity and conducting
traditional case management. We also have safety, human resource and workers’
compensation professionals on our staff whom can provide a wide array of integrated

The objective of the First‐Call Medical Program is to manage each work related claim
at the earliest possible point to:

  • Minimize OSHA recordable’s
  • Reduce employee lost time
  • Encourage early and appropriate employee return to work through modified duty
  • Control the cost of each workers’ compensation claim

The most expedient process begins with the employee, or a designated representative,
calling Keystone Insurers Group and speaking with a nurse to report the absence and initiate the process. Fax or email options are available as well.

When a worker is injured, our nurse interviews the employee over the phone to conduct an initial assessment, determining their medical history and current complaints. From there, the nurse will make a decision to direct basic first aid or to send them to the hospital or one of our occupational health clinics. Our nurse will follow the case from start to finish and communicate directly with the employee, employer, claims handlers and medical

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