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Environmental Contractors Insurance

You never know what problems you’ll run into at a cleanup site. With the right coverage, at least you won’t have to worry when something goes wrong.

Keystone Insurers group knows that when it comes to your environmental responsibilities, you can’t afford to take risks or allow for loss. That’s why you will gain access to an exclusive partnership which fully benefits the environmental contracting industry.

<[p>Keystone has been fortunate enough to partner with the National Alliance of Environmental Specialists to provide coverages, comprehensive services, and competitive pricing that are specific to the needs of the environmental construction industry.

The National Alliance of Environmental Specialists Insurance Program (NAESIP) was developed in conjunction with environmental consultants and contractors and provides a full range of insurance administration, claims management, and risk control services.

Are You Covered? Ask Yourself…

  • Does your agent write environmental insurance for other businesses in your industry?
  • Do you know the difference between a claims-made form and an occurrence form?
  • Do you have a retro-active date on your policy?
  • If so, what is the date shown?
  • Do you know the significance of this date?
  • Have you checked the AM Best Guide for your insurance company’s financial rating?
  • Have you read the terms, conditions and exclusions of your policy?
  • Do you get an annual review from your agent on insurance issues affecting your program on industry?
  • Have you appropriately described your operations in your renewal application?
  • Do you know when it is appropriate to make a claim?
  • Do you feel confident that the insurance program protects you from contracts you have signed?
  • From year to year, do you keep your policies?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, please call Keystone Insurers Group today for a free consultation and to learn more about the specialized environmental contractors insurance we can provide you! Also, ask about our builders risk insurance to protect projects under construction. It’s our job to ensure there are no gaps in coverage for your contractors business.

This program is currently available in IN, NC, OH, PA, VA, TN, KY, and GA.

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