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Why Should an Association Establish a Business Relationship with Keystone Insurers Group?

Keystone Insurers Group offers an unparalleled combination of local agency service and focused program management. Keystone has demonstrated a strong commitment to providing quality, value-added service and programs to our partner Associations. The emphasis is placed on the development of a partnership in which the growth and development of the association can be fostered.

Our centralized management provides Association leadership with tremendous tools to attract new members into the Association and provides first-rate service and resources. This “macro level” point of contact interacts with the Association leadership on overall program issues, enabling Keystone to maintain a highly focused approach.

Our agency force provides Association members with excellent local, personalized service. Our comprehensive services, broad coverage, and competitive up-front program pricing, deliver outstanding value to the Association members to protect their businesses.

Keystone is the 5th largest privately held independent insurance agency in the Nation and represents many of the major carriers in the insurance industry.

  • Due to our prominence, we have the ability to negotiate enhanced coverage and value-added opportunities on behalf of Associations.
  • Due to our independence, we have the ability to move the program in the future to a new carrier if circumstances or market conditions warrant and if it is deemed to be in the best interests of the Association members.

Our fundamental goals in working with an Association include:

  • Assist in retaining current members and attracting new members to the association.
  • Provide a source of non-dues revenue to the Association.
  • Provide a program with competitive up-front pricing for the members.
  • Offer broad, value-added coverage, continually upgraded and enhanced, to members to protect their businesses.
  • Provide members with a dividend earning opportunity to participate in the profits of the program.

Our Association Coordinator, Lori Simpson, works with Associations to establish a business relationship and collaborates with the Association and our Keystone Specialty Programs Division to establish programs to meet the needs of the association members. Please contact Lori at lsimpson@keystoneinsgrp.com or 570-473-2146 for more information.