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Ancillary Products

As health care out of pocket expenses are rising, employees are becoming exposed to higher out of pocket expenses. To help offset these expenses, employers are offering voluntary benefits like accident, sickness and critical illness plans – or ancillary products. These plans reimburse the insured for out of pocket medical expenses like, physicians office visits, trips to the emergency room as well as medical appliances like casts and crutches. Many of them pay for hospital stays as well as extended stays in intensive care for accidents or specific illnesses. These benefits are paid directly to the employee, not the health care provider or facility. The employee can choose how they spend the dollars.

At Keystone Insurers Group, the ancillary products we offer include:

  • Critical Illness
  • Accident Insurance
  • Cancer Insurance

The key to an employee obtaining maximum benefit for their health care dollar is education. If an employee understands their out of pocket exposure, and is presented with ways on how to insure that risk, they will be better able to make an informed decision. Contact us today to learn more about the ancillary products we can offer you.