Tommy Adams

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Since joining Keystone in October 2009, Keystone has greatly increased the confidence of our agency, given us more clarity about our future, and provided us with numerous resources. The benefits of our Keystone Partnership have been all that we anticipated and much more.

To our surprise, some of the resources we initially thought would be the least valuable have been the most significant. In several situations, it has been the use of two or more Keystone resources on the same deal that led to our ultimate success.

During our time in Keystone, we have worked with all its divisions. In every division, we have found extraordinary professionalism and ability. The talent Keystone has assembled is topnotch. Whether it is Ralph Sitterson helping with a claim situation, Robert Sutter providing advice to close a sale, Risk Solutions providing the “go to” market for a specific situation, and the list goes on and on; the resources provided by Keystone make us better than we could ever be on its own.

There is no question that joining Keystone is one of the best business decisions we have ever made.

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