Tom Strate

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Keystone is made up of insurance folks who understand who we are and what we do…..they anticipate our needs with specialized markets, services, and resources. It is up to us to use what fits our needs. Keystone is so much more than premium volume consolidation.

We have not had a need to use the expert claims review service, but this resource was a key part or our decision. We have placed this capability on our website.

I have participated in the sales training with Robert Sutter. After 32 years in the business, and being reasonably successful, this is the first sales training that I have ever had. It was worth every penny. We use his Path to Professionalism material for our weekly sales meetings. He has also assisted us with interviewing sales candidates, and his sales testing is better than what we were previously used.

The partnership that I feel with the other 260 partner agencies is incredible. I can seek advice for a wide variety of subjects from insurance agency experts. Their opinion and help is just a click away.

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