Tim Conder

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Insuramax was started from scratch in 1971 by Marvin Smith. We’re a $6+ million revenue operation in Louisville and there are five officers. While we had no problems or needs per se when Keystone entered Kentucky in 2009, we were intrigued because so many of our peers were partnering.

The opportunities we saw in Keystone were many: Programs, sales training, trusted and literally free advice, established and professional leadership, partner networking, some carrier relationships exclusive to Keystone, and, of course, the money, even though they’ll caution you that it’s not about the money!

Key though was the ability to compete with the really “big boys” like Marsh-Mc and AON. Equal or better or better carriers and exclusive programs are huge pluses. We write many larger accounts that we simply would not have written prior to partnering with Keystone. They bring a certain expertise and group of carriers that most agencies can’t duplicate.

Keystone doesn’t tell Insuramax how to operate. They and our partners are there when we need them, and I believe the Core carriers are even happier with us than before simply because we now look to place more business with them so we can maximize profit sharing. At the same time, if a Core company can’t do what we need, we’re free to use other markets.

The best thing about KIG is everything and the worst thing is that you simply can’t take advantage of everything! Keystone easily pays for itself. You have a Team that is totally committed to the success of your agency. They bring expertise, knowledge and professionalism right to you. The networking with your peers and the openness of the ideas is truly unprecedented.

Keystone is not for everyone; probably even more so, most agencies are not for Keystone. The underwriting process is grueling because they want only the best. They will not compromise their integrity.

As the former Chairperson, IIA of Kentucky, I can honestly say that IIABA has no greater friend and ally than Keystone. Nearly the entire Kentucky Board partnered and I’ve seen that trend as Keystone has expanded into other states. Keystone is supportive of the association and in no way competes for members or programs.

All in all, the best decision Insuramax has made.

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