Scott Broome

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Broome Insurance is a family agency in Hickory, NC. My brother is a Commercial producer and my father is enjoying staying active in the agency, without quite the responsibility he once had. I am the operations manager and do some personal lines as well. All total, we have 24 employees.

Thinking back to when Keystone visited our office, my first comment to my dad after Colin presented the Keystone opportunity and then left our office was, ‘Why would we do that? We can get any Company we want, we don’t need them.’ I was rightfully proud of how far we had come on our own. My statements were true, but, at that time, I didn’t understand who Keystone was. The beauty is, all my partners could say the same thing. That is what makes my partners so valuable to me. Keystone has been like a warp drive in my learning curve and idea implementation.

The best way I can explain Keystone is with an analogy. I have four kids and a few years back my son Nathan and I went on a field trip to Williamsburg, VA. We talked a lot about the history of our country and how our forefathers decided to Unite under a common cause. Each colony had a different model of doing things, but on the fundamentals, every colony unanimously agreed they would be stronger, more effective, and free to set their own course if they came together as one nation. The irony is they had to give up some of their own identity, be willing to change and even give up some of their perceived independence as individual colonies to become an independent nation.

The result of their vision coupled with unity and a common cause has caused us to become the great nation that we are. This is how I see Keystone.

I honestly do feel like a founding father in a way. I am so proud of my unity with other Keystone partners. For our agency, it has only made us stronger.

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