Roy Riley

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The single biggest thing Keystone has done for Peel & Holland is to add bench strength to our team that we could not have afforded otherwise that allows us to compete head to head with the larger brokerage houses. Keystone brings industry leading talent in claims management, programs, risk solutions, and sales training, just to name a few.

We did a thorough job of due diligence, so there have been only positive surprises. The most challenging thing about our Keystone relationship is that they provide so many opportunities that it’s difficult to maximize each. Thus we had to prioritize and determine where we can get the maximum impact for our organization.

In our first year, we earned a contingency through Keystone with a carrier that would not have been earned were we standalone. That single contingency paid for several years of our Keystone partnership.

Like so many other high caliber agencies in other states, we knew that Peel & Holland would be successful on its own. What we were betting on, and what has proven true, is that partnering with Keystone has elevate us to yet another level.

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