Mark Bates

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We partnered with Keystone in 2007 and have consistently utilized the expertise of Keystone in multiple areas over the years. A few areas in which we have found immediate value, the kind on which you can’t put a money value:

  • Claims Management in managing reserves and defining coverage.
  • Financial Division in assisting our agency to merge two corporations and evaluating agency acquisition opportunities.
  • The Keystone Producer Training program (Top 20) offered by Robert Sutter is second to none and I would highly recommend this program along with his assistance with interviewing prospective producers. This service is invaluable as an agency principal.

Keystone allows us to partner with an organization which provides the intellectual capital and enhanced carrier relationships in this ever-changing insurance marketplace. The professionalism, passion, and leadership of Keystone is unsurpassed and gives our agency the backroom support to remain independent and position ourselves to grow the agency.

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Mark Bates