Larry D. McSpadden, CPCU ARM CWCA

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After doing some serious due diligence, our agency (3 locations, $5 million in revenue, 35 employees) decided to become a Keystone Partner late in 2011. Since that time we have found significant value for our operation in the partnership. We have found something important / worthwhile almost every week, in many different areas of activity.

Several tough business problems or decisions have been made easier because of the resources and consultation services provided. We’ve added access to two important new markets. We are restructuring several aspects of the way we do business, and we’re comfortable that we are moving in the right direction because we have access to answers and ideas in a timely manner through Keystone, our Partners there, and the vendor relationships that Keystone has made affordable.

I can confidently state that we are significantly better off for being a Keystone Partner than we would have been if we’d remained on our own.

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