Hugh M. McGowan

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My Grandfather started our Agency more than 80 years ago. We have grown and evolved as a company; in doing so though we’ve remained committed to the same core principles. We are a family Agency and fiercely independent. We strive to be ‘students of the business’ and try to give back to the industry and our community. We endeavor to be a resource to our client base; being a good Agent often starts with being a good resource.

The decision to join Keystone was not taken lightly. We initially struggled because we weren’t sure it would fit our Agency’s culture. The experience has been nothing but positive.

We have benefitted from the Program business, Claims and Reserve management, and sales training. Because of resources like Orchestrate HR, we have a competitive advantage in Benefits that is both unique and compelling. And the list goes on and on… In short, Keystone has greatly enhanced our culture. We are more sales focused and better positioned to be a resource.

Our core principles have not been compromised but instead enhanced; we now have Partners who share our passion for the industry, their communities, and their Agencies. The value of Keystone has been remarkable. We have no doubt though that the best is yet to come!

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